The Robot Spy is the 8th episode of the first season of the TV show Jonny Quest. It was the first episode to feature the U.S. Military and the Quest Laboratory in California. The robot spy-sometimes refered to a Spy-der is a twenty-foot tall robot spider with tentacles tipped with paralysing suckers.The middle section,resembles an 8 ball,but a single red,creepy eye.

'3 Plot'{ EditEdit

Out at sea, a ship picks up a blip on its radar, and presume it's a UFO. Two fighter jets from the Quest Laboratory sent out to intercept, but the UFO dips underwater. They return to base at night, while Dr. Quest is working on his Para-Power Ray cannon, which can drain power from and disable an entire army.The unidentified craft crash-lands in the desert nearby the lab, and a soldier on guard duty alerts theQuests.The craft is actually,one of 'Dr. Zin's Robot Spy Spaceship They witness a 4-legged arachnoid robot inside, Dr. Zin's creation, open its single crimson eye for a moment, and then they take it back to the lab's garage, where the soldier is put on guard duty. He hears odd noises inside the garage, and gets knocked out by Zin's robot spy. Then, the robot, while the Quests are sleeping, knocks the door guard unconcious, and makes for the Para-Power Ray. It uses its hidden antennae to gain the cannon's information, and is caught in the act by the now-alert family. Zin then tells them about his plan through the robot's eye, and then tries to make an escape. The laboratory's garrison is awoken, and they attack the escaping droid with rifles and machine guns, while Benton prepares the Para-Power Ray for a blast against it. Nothing seems to stop the spy, even salvos of napalm from flamethrowers or even a barrage of shells from an M60 main battle tank! It's getting away in its carrier ship, which is lifting off. But, the Quests start blasting it with the ray cannon, and it falls from the sky at high altitude, exploding on impact with the ground. But, Dr. Quest seemed disappointed, because the robot was destroyed. But, Dr. Zin sends a final message via the surviving eye, threatening the party of a future confrontation. '



Edit  The concept of a spider-like robot being transported by spacecraft was used 50 years later in the 2004 Pixar film The Incredibles.