# Title Original Airdate Summary Title card
1 The Mystery of the Lizard Men September 18, 1964 Dr. Quest, bodyguard Race Bannon, son Jonny, and dog Bandit are called to investigate after several ships and boats are destroyed by a mysterious light beam.
2 Arctic Splashdown September 25, 1964 Jonny and the crew search for a missile that went off course in the arctic.
3 The Curse of Anubis October 2, 1964 One of Dr. Quest's old friends summons him to Egypt when the curse of the mummy Anubis comes upon them!
4 Pursuit of the Po-Ho October 9, 1964 A friend of Dr. Quest's is taken prisoner by the Po-Ho tribe.
5 Riddle of the Gold October 16, 1964 Dr. Quest tries to solve the "Riddle of the Gold" being mined from a vein in India that was supposedly tapped out years ago.
6 Treasure of the Temple October 23, 1964 The Quests set out to find a lost city, but someone does not want them to.
7 Calcutta Adventure October 30, 1964 Dr. Quest and the crew travel to India to aid locals who have caught a mysterious illness.
8 The Robot Spy November 6, 1964 Dr. Zin sends a giant spider-like robot to get information on Dr. Quest's newest invention.
9 Double Danger November 13, 1964 Dr. Zin sends out an impostor disguised as Race to steal a tranquilizer that can hypnotize entire cities.
10 Shadow of the Condor November 20, 1964 On a trip to South America, the Quests' plane develops engine trouble, and are forced to land and get help from a German Baron.
11 Skull and Double Crossbones November 27, 1964 The Quests tangle with pirates searching for a sunken treasure.
12 The Dreadful Doll December 4, 1964 Dr. Quest and the crew are called to action when a young girl falls under a spell of an apparent voodoo curse.
13 A Small Matter of Pygmies December 11, 1964 Jonny, Hadji, and Race are taken prisoner by a tribe of pygmies.
14 Dragons of Ashida December 18, 1964 An old scientist friend of Dr. Quest creates an island full of dragons!
15 Turu the Terrible December 25, 1964 (Christmas Day) In the jungle, the Quest party encounters a pteranodon.
16 The Fraudulent Volcano December 31, 1964 Dr. Quest is called to investigate a volcano that is acting oddly.
17 Werewolf in the Timberland January 7, 1965 The Quests go to Canada to search for a rare type of wood, but end up encountering a werewolf!
18 Pirates from Below January 14, 1965 Jonny, Race, and Bandit are captured by pirates who are hijacking Dr. Quest's new undersea crawler.
19 Attack of the Tree People January 21, 1965 Jonny, Hadji, and Bandit are stranded on an island after an incident with Dr. Quest's boat, and befriend some apes who protect them from some greedy and murderous hunters that set out to find the boys to get Dr. Quest's money.
20 The Invisible Monster January 29, 1965 An old scientist friend of Dr. Quest's accidentally creates an invisible monster that consumes any energy in its path!
21 The Devil's Tower February 4, 1965 The team tries to recover an instrument-laden weather balloon when it lands atop a remote mountain peak.
22 The Quetong Missile Mystery February 11, 1965 Dr. Quest is called to Quetong to investigate four disappearances, but while he and Race search, the boys and Bandit disappear, too!
23 The House of Seven Gargoyles February 18, 1965 The Quests visit a colleague that lives in a castle in Norway.
24 Terror Island February 25, 1965 Dr. Quest is kidnapped by an insane scientist who turns ordinary animals into destructive monsters!
25 Monsters in the Monastery March 4, 1965 The Quests travel to a village where the townspeople live in fear of a race of snow creatures.
26 The Sea Haunt March 11, 1965 The Quest team boards a seemingly deserted ship on the Java Sea, only to learn that an amphibious reptilian deep sea creature has attacked the crew, killing the captain and sabotaging the ship.
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