The Giant Spider was one of the mutant animals that was kept by Chu Sing Ling.

History: This monstrous spider was one of the early creations of Dr. Chu Sing Ling’s bacteria, growing to over eight feet and it was still growing by the time it reached that size! One was seen roaming his island as a monstrous guard dog, only to be caught in battle with a monstrous Crab Chu had also created with his bacteria.

A second Spider was used to threaten Dr. Quest to gain his assistance with fixing the various problems his base had, including fixing the runoff problem from the bacterial culture tanks. However, Race Bannon and his old flame Jade managed to reach Dr. Quest and send the madman on the run to his henchmen. Before they could escape, both the Giant Spider and Monstrous Lizard used to threaten him were freed from their cages, but before they could get out and slay the humans, they were crushed underneath the cement and metal of their enclosures, pushed upon them by Jonny Quest and Hadji riding a Bulldozer.


The spider was hit by the bulldozer and he was left unconscious on the floor. It is unknown if it regained consciousness.




  • The spider's screeches resembles a bat's.
  • Three spiders live on Chu Sing Ling's headquarters. Two are mutated where one is kept in a cage in the lab, one is left outside where it fights the crab, and one is not mutated and is kept in a box.