The giant crab is a mutant animal that got exposured by Chu Sing Ling's bacteria.

History: One of the most common animals found on Terror Island, and the only one to escape it, created by Chu Sing Ling using a radioactive bacteria. Some were kept in cages, others roamed the island freely. One of the Crabs even escaped into the sea after breaking out of its cage.

Another menaced Race Bannon as he attempted to sneak onto the island. It did battle with a Giant Spider, allowing Race to escape past the monsters unnoticed, but the outcome of that feud still remains a mystery.


One of the giant crabs escaped and is now remaining in the sea, while the other one is seen fighting a giant spider. It is unknown if either of them won or lost the fight.


  • The giant crab is seen as a silhouette in the title of the episode.