A stern-looking Chinese military officer with a shaved head. He only appared in "The Quetong Missile Mystery".

"The Quetong Missile Mystery"Edit

General Fong was an insane Chinese army general who plotted to take over the country by threatening to launch a missile which he kept hidden in his base in the swamps outside of Quetong. However, the runoff from the chemicals and oil used for the base was poisoning the local supply of fish and making the citizens of Quetong sick (as roughly all of Quetong's populace ate the fish caught in their waters). Commissioner Wah of the Quetong police force enlisted the help of Dr. Benton Quest, whose investigation of the swamp threatened to expose Fong's base.

Fong, who knew of Dr. Quest's presence thanks to Lt. Singh, a corrupt detective among Quetong's police, instructed his men (including Singh) to kidnap Jonny Quest and Hadji Singh from their hotel room while Dr. Quest and Race Bannon were away. Quest and Bannon pressed on nonetheless, learning from Sing the location of Fong's base, and staged their own invasion, filling the base with knock-out gas so that they could get inside to rescue Jonny and Hadji.

General Fong, anticipating their move, had worn a gas mask. But, taken by surprise and held at gunpoint by Race Bannon, Fong was forced to remove the mask, and he immediately succumbed to the gas' effects. However, the effects soon wore off and Fong and his men pursued the Quests in a speedboat.


The General was killed when he shot one of his lookouts in a fit of rage when the soldier failed to tag the Quests' boat as it passed his station. The dying soldier collapsed onto the detonator of an underwater mine just as Fong's speedboat passed over it, blowing all aboard to bits, killing Fong and a henchmen.


Fong was voiced by Henry Corden.

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