Simone duvall


A Caucasian woman with short blonde hair wearing glasses and a dark blue jumpsuit.

"Undersea Urgency"Edit

Dr. Simone Duval was the chief researcher in charge of the undersea experimental station, the Verne Research Center. Dr. Quest arrived to oversee the progress of the center and Dr. Duval showed him the control room. Following an attack by a heretofore unknown species of carnivorous amphibious deep-sea fish, Duval became enthralled by the creatures, to the point of losing concern for her own safety and the safety of others. When one of the monsters broke into the control room, Duval had to be forcibly dragged out by Quest. Duval, Quest and the control room personnel escaped into partially flooded a plexiglass underwater walkway where Quest used a live wire, thrown into the water, to electrocute the creatures. Shortly afterward, Jonny Quest and Jessie Bannon arrived in a submarine to rescue them, but Duval refused to leave without a specimen. Unfortunately the creatures had only been stunned by the electricity.


Duval attempted to collect one of the creatures but it woke up and killed the scientist.


Duval was voiced by Karen Ross.