Younger Surd

Dr. Jeremiah Surd is a former scientist that worked for the United States Government. He eventually went maverick and Race had to stop him. He managed to survive being shot through the neck and the leg and was imprisoned. He was paralyzed due to the incident. He later gained control of a copy of Questworld and uses it against the Quests and Bannons throughout the series.


Dr. Jeremiah Surd was a scientist that worked for the United States Government that had his funding cut. He and his lackeys, Juila and Lorenzo, held the city of Chicago hostage with toxic nerve gas. Race Bannon was the head of the SWAT team that confronted Surd and it ended with Surd being shot in the leg and neck while talking with Race. He is let out by Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji when Race and Dr. Benton Quest found his stash of deadly toxic nerve gas and were trapped by Surd’s devices. Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji manage to find and convince Surd to help by offering him a trip into Questworld. He managed to contact Juila and arranged for himself to be rescued.

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