Chu sing ling


A short, slightly overweight bespectacled Chinese man wearing a blue lab coat.

"Terror Island"Edit

Chu Sing Ling was a Chinese biochemist who owned and operated an advanced research facility on Moy Tu Island, where he also maintained his own private army. Chu Sing Ling was working with bacteria cultures, somehow using them to make ordinarily small animals like lizards, spiders and crabs grow to gargantuan size. Unfortunately, he could not control their rate of growth and they had an annoying habit of escaping his lab and roaming the island.

Hoping to correct the problem, Chu had his men abduct Dr. Benton Quest while he was on vacation in nearby Hong Kong. Chu initially hoped that the mere sight of two of his embiggened creatures, a spider and a lizard, would persuade Dr. Quest to assist him in his research. He thought wrong, and even the threat of being fed to the creatures did not serve to change Quest's mind.

Chu's mad experiments came to an end with the arrival of a rescue team led by Race Bannon and Jade, who singlehandedly decimated his army. Chu tried to lock them all inside the lab with the giant monsters, but Jonny Quest and Hadji rescued them by plowing through the wall with a bulldozer, killing the huge spider in the process. The lizard, meanwhile, escaped and eventually was the cause of Chu's demise when it backed him into an electrified fence.


With nowhere to run, Chu was killed when the lizard walked into the powerlines, causing an overload that blew the entire power plant to smithereens.